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The still lives of Platon Alexis Hadjimichalis (Paris 1950) instinctively take us back to the curiosity cabinets of old. The scientist’s approach of classifying and cataloguing is applied to the artistic creation. Composed in a astonishing way, these abstract tableaux with their recurrent geometric charm combine organic materials such as feathers, skins, eggshells, fish scales, or sea shells gathered from the four corners of the earth.

Arranged with meticulous patience and subtlety, these dynamic juxtapositions are also a pretext to play with materials and textured patterns. The prickly crosses paths with the luscious, the speckled teases the sparkly.

The artist states that his fascination for recycling and assembling natural materials suddenly arose when he discovered the beauty of a kelp bed at low tide. He claims that creativity is embedded in nature. All he does is release it onto his canvas.


Christophe Dosogne / February 2012

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