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Platon Alexis Hadjimichalis couldn't produce organic collages for certain species because of budget issues due to the cost of some raw materials. He turned himself to digital arts, using animal photography instead. 
Since the  NFT craze, using his knowledge of 3D and 2D softwares, Platon Nicolas has produce a quantity of digital pieces, mostly in collaboration with his father's work. The use of the e-patterns as textures in 3D rendering offers infinite possibilities that he likes to explore, whilst continuing to learn the softwares that he now teaches. 

Crypto Cat NFT

"Crypto Cat" - c4d .gif - 2020

Collab - Jr ft Sr

A series of looped animations made on c4d featuring Platon H's digital patterns made from animal photography.

Sabres d'el Basha revisited by Platon Jr.

"Voxel art" - digital sculpture for metaverse - c4d - 2022

"Tattoed Ape" - digital sculpture nft - c4d - 2021

"The wave" - c4d - 2019


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