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The Residü project is a second year assignment at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris that i later revisited. The objective was to find a residual space in the urban tissue and to establish an architecture there. I chose to respond to the subject by exploiting a vacant lot discovered behind a wall at the corner of the famous avenue of the Paris observatory. The urban islands surrounding the land as well as the roads form like tectonic plates which meet and collide around this abandoned triangle.

I chose to invest this space by creating a pied-a-terre apartment in the heart of Paris. You enter by the avenue de l'observatoire and the apartment is divided into three spaces. the living space, the garden, and the bathroom. Everything is recessed one meter below street level and skylights are created in the acute angles of the triangle.

The original project was opened to the rest of the parcel, allowing the inhabitants to access the flat from both sides. There also was a first floor accessible from the garden to reach an office workspace. Below are the original plans of the project made in 2007.


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