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Agence ADquatio Paris

Charleval France multidisciplinary health center

Competition for a small center located in Normandy, in the town of Charleval, to provide additional healthare.


Ecole Spéciale Paris

RESiDÜ project

Project on the theme of urban residual tissue. A flat in central Paris, using abandoned land.


Ecole Spéciale Paris

Urchin house

House project for a workshop hosted by Paul Virilio, the house space is supposed to change perpetually.

desertfinall copy.jpg

Ecole Spéciale Paris

Torrens Beer

Futuristic brewery on the rooftops of London. A cyberpunk universe to implement new ways of consuming in the city favouring the short circuit.


Agence Feichtinger Paris

Wuppertal office building

Competition for the city of Wuppertal in Germany, projecting to host a new office space.


Aipi - Italy

Welcome in Hotel

Ancient summer camp renovated into a Hotel. Competition for the design of the lobby spacce.

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 12.33.29.png

Séoul Korea

Green rise

Vertical Farm & Botanical Gardens project competition for Seoul, Korea.


La Cambre-Horta


Slaughter house of Anderlecht

Full reconstruction and redefinition of the Anderlecht market and slaughterhouses. New conception of the slaughtering process.



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