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Urchin house is a project developed during a student workshop at the Ecole Spéciale d'architecture in Paris. The instruction was to develop a house, a living space, evolving and changing during the week. I imagined this house as a "kit" that could be easily assembled and disassembled to allow users to vary their environment.

The original project dates from 2009, but i recently revisited it during my metaverse adventure. Below is the original prefab kit.

Not only was the house designed to be easily moved, but the living floor can be rotated 360° on itself. This allows both to change places easily, but to guarantee different views permanently for the occupants. The original plans below envisaged the floor as a large open space illuminated by the exterior and the central circulation well. Enclosed spaces would be kept to a minimum and the space would be divided by removable, translucent walls in the manner of Japanese shojis.


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