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Vertical Farm & Botanical Gardens // Green Rise // Seoul, Korea.

Competition project with for a vertical farm project in Korea (2013). The Botanical Gardens is the main element of this project, to promote vegetal life into the city, and to find a new insertion point for it into the urban landscape. As such, the spaces dedicated to the botanical center are vertically scattered through the tower, inter-mixing with other programs so that there is always a visual interaction with the garden's visitors and the tower's users (indoors) and a visible vertical progression from the outside.

The indoor and outdoor agricultural spaces are though to re-encourage city cultures, and a direct consumption of the product. The "plateaux" which climb up to 54 meters provide spaces for open-air cultures such as rice, wheat, or barley, and the proximity with the towers recreational and market areas attract people to the agricultural life. The vegetables are produced for direct consumption and purchase upon the site.

Numerous activities and service should be offered in the project, always maintaining a certain visual and contextual relation with the "green" program, in order to make the project viable and also promote its use for the community. The project is aiming to promote vertical farming aswell as the "bio" way of life.

A score of lifts and corridors are here to ensure that full circulation is possible throughout the tower, both vertically and horizontally. Undergroud passages would allow pedestrian to exit the metro at the foot of the tower as well as inside.

The project implantation site is located along a small canal in an urban tissue constituted mainly by three types of urban landscapes: high-rise  buildings, mid-rise  buildings, and a low-rise  activity landscape. Those three building densities collide at the project's location, needing a particular attention in order to form an urban coherence in the area. Three volumes naturally emerge from these urban constraints, each following one of densities dominant oriantation, therefore providing a tower that reflects upon all its surroundings.


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